Dismal failure as Cheltenham Town face relagation

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With a litany of poor performances, Cheltenham Town FC are facing relegation yet again, as they dangle just above the drop zone which will cast them mercilessly down into the no-man’s land of national league football

28th May 2006. Cheltenham Town were celebrating their promotion to League 1 after
beating Grimsby in the League 2 play-off final. In front of a Millennium Stadium crowd of
around 29,000, the Robins were on a high. Fast forward almost 11 years however, and things are very different. The club have had five managers, and they are fighting
desperately against relegation.

The journey of the club over the last decade or so has been full of drama, a mixture of the
greatest of triumphs and the most damaging of setbacks. Early into the 2006/07 season,

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