Rotten Scoundrel Jailed

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A conman who tricked a terminal cancer sufferer out of her life savings has been jailed for eight years.

Michael Cremin was found guilty at Bristol Crown Court on Monday 21 August of six counts of fraud and one count of pretending to be a barrister. He was jailed on Tuesday 22nd August for his crimes. Michael Troy Cremin, 41 and formally of Buncombe Way in Cirencester, conned Sandra Burch (pictured) out of £92,000 after misleading her into believing the money would be used to purchase land on her behalf.  Cremin, who advertised himself as a lawyer and advocate but has been described by police as a ‘fantasist’. According to Gloucestershire Police, Cremin’s credentials appeared legitimate as he was listed as an ‘advocate’ on the website of Cotswold Barristers, based in Cheltenham. The conviction for pretending to be a barrister was not related to his name appearing on the website. The fraudster also falsely claimed to have a law degree from the University of London. While Cremin worked on several cases as a legal representative he had no legal qualifications. After gaining Ms Burch’s confidence, he kept her money for himself and even used some of it to buy a £29,000 Volkswagen Scirocco.  In total, it’s believed Cremin criminally acquired at least 14 cars, with a total value of over £330,000. He impersonated a barrister in correspondence with several people and provided false employment references to a letting agency in Cirencester when he was a tenant at a house in the town. But Sandra Burch, 51, and from near Salisbury in Wiltshire, is the person who lost most to Cremin. Detective Sergeant Dave Fryatt said: “Cremin was what you might call a “paralegal” – he wasn’t a barrister or solicitor but had taught himself a lot about the law and was involved in the legal system.” He went on to add, “In Sandra’s case she was trying to buy land from a family friend who had been declared bankrupt. Cremin was recommended and it made sense to her to use him, especially after she checked him out online, where he advertised himself as a lawyer and advocate. Anyone could have made the same mistake as Sandra.” He concluded by saying, “We did manage to freeze some of Cremin’s accounts during the investigation and are trying to ensure some money is returned to Sandra, but it will only be a fraction of what she lost.”

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