Robins fans force Cheltenham resident to involve Police 

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A Cheltenham resident (who didn’t want to be named for fear of reprisal) of 24 years and ex-fan of Cheltenham Town FC has been forced to contact the police after the Robin’s failed to respond to his plea for Cheltenham Town fans to stop being disrespectful to those living down their road.

The resident has been allowing Cheltenham Town FC fans park along their usually quiet cul-de-sac with no repercussions for years, even though they typically park their vehicles in a sometime dangerous manner and has only recently taken it upon themselves to confront the fans, as their dodgy parking jobs were obstructing access for those with disabilities. “Every home game, supporters park in and along the road, as residents and supporters we have shown a great deal of tolerance over the years to the dedicated fans of the football club, however recently this tolerance has been severely tested by fans parking without any due consideration’ said the disgruntled resident.

‘I asked two drivers if they would not park outside our property, citing that access was required for our elderly, very disabled neighbour as well as for the disabled resident in the house opposite. The response was “I park where I want mate”, “I’m parked legally” and “I’ve been parking here for years”. The unfortunate resident has been forced to involve the police after Cheltenham Town failed to respond to the issue leaving the resident to wait for a reply for nearly a month. The Police have seemingly moved quickly to ensure that the problem may not continue, assuring that a parking enforcement team will be on the resident’s street during the next home fixture.

We reached out to Cheltenham Town FC but didn’t receive a response.